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Tourist Attractions and Experiences

【Temporary closed】Sobura Kaizuka Honojino Sato

Onsen (Hot spring), Accomoddation, charcoal‐broiled BBQ. Feel nature of mountains and relax.

Basic information

This Hot spring resort is built at an elementary school vacancy lot near by Mt. Katsuragi.You can enjoy nature of mountains.The popular facility is its Hot spring called "Morino yokuyu/Yuno kan".It has Alkaline springs and comes fromnatural hot spring which is called Hot spring of beauty.You can enjoy 2 kinds of diffrentbathtabs one is surround by rocks, and another one is a cypress bath.There is a BBQ restaurant where you can have local foods and seafood (Aya) and a garden terrace,accomoddation (Honoji no Kan) which is made from a lots of trees, and a sport facility (Genki no Kan) for playng valleyball ,badminton and ping-pong. You also experience woodworking, charcoal‐broiled BBQ and making soba(buckwheat noodles). Enjoy haiking nearMt. Izumikatsuragi.You can buy homemade miso soup,Japanese pickles and vagetables made by local people.

  • Location

    〒 597-0111 2114 Sobura, Kaizuka-shi, Osaka
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    Varies by facility
  • Directions

    Transfer at Kaizuka Station on the Nankai Main Line to the Mizuma Railway. Take the Harmony Community bus “yellow course” at Mizumakannon Station, the last station on the Mizuma Railway. Get off at “Honoji no Sato” or “Soburaguchi” bus stop, followed by a 3-minute walk.
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