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Sohonke Tsuriganeyahonpo

The bell-shaped Tsurigane Manju was created to commemorate the installation of a large temple bell at Shitennoji Temple in 1900.

Basic information

Sweet bean paste, made from specially selected azuki beans, is wrapped in a moist castella sponge cake and baked to create Tsurigane Manju. Created at a time when bananas were considered luxury products, the playful Nadai Basho banana castella imitate not only the shape of a banana, but also its flavor. The nostalgic Bite-sized Castella, made with the best batter and baked into little bell shapes, has tasted and looked the same for over a hundred years.

  • 〒556-0002 1-7-11 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
  • 06-6632-2677
  • 06-6644-0212
  • January 1
  • 9:00 - 18:30
  • Tsurigane Manju: 162 yen each Nadai Basho banana castella: 324 yen each Bite-sized castella: 324 yen for 22 *All prices include tax
  • 3-minute walk from exit 3 of Ebisucho Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line
  • http://tsuriganeyahonpo.co.jp

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