Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Mt. Atago

Mt. Atago overlooking Osaka Bay is famous for its azaleas. The view of the sea over the flowers is popular.

Mt. Atago is located at a 10-min walk from Tannowa Station on the Nankai Main Line. The hills of Mt. Atago, overlooking Osaka Bay, Kansai International Airport and the distant Akashi Kaikyo Bridge are famed for their beautiful springtime flowers. 800 cherry trees tint the hills in early April, followed by 30,000 or 50,000 azalea shrubs blooming in late April to May. The beautiful view of pink flowers, blue sky, white cloud and fresh green when looking down on a sunny day attracts large numbers of people to this popular spot. Nearby, there are Osaka Prefectural Youth Marine Center to experience marine sports, a yacht harbor, Marine Lodge Kai-Fu-Kan for meals, hot bath and lodging, and Tannowa Beach.