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Tomb of Emperor Nintoku (Daisen Kofun)

Japan's largest keyhole-shaped tomb, measuring 486m in length, this tumulus is encircled by a sightseeing walkway that takes an hour to walk around.

Japan’s largest circular tomb with a rectangular front which is about 486 meters long in total, with a circular section in the back at about 249 meters in diameter, about 35.8 meters in height, and the front section at about 307 meters wide. This Kofun was stated in name as “Mozunomimi-Haranonakanomisasagi” in the “Engishiki (ancient writing of laws and customs),” and is currently managed and under the authority of the Imperial Household Agency as the Imperial mausoleum of the 16th Emperor, Nintoku. The mound was built in 3 levels and has an overhang on the left and right constrictions. Although surrounded by three moats, the outer one was re-dug during the Meiji period. In 1872, a chest-shaped stone coffin at the front that was housed in the pit rock chamber became exposed, out of which swords, armor, glass pots and plates were excavated. In addition, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has a collection of Mirrors with Banded Animals Design and Ring-Headed Sword with a Single Phoenix, and more than 10 miniature-sized Kofuns called “Baicho” that surrounded a circular tomb have been confirmed. A touring trail about 2.8 km long is maintained, which takes about an hour to walk.