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Wani's Grave

Legend has it that this is the resting place of Wani, the Baekje-born founder of Japanese scholastics. Come summer, rose mallows bloom in profusion at the rest area, a design inspired by classic Korean stylings.

Local legend says that this is the grave of Wani, famed for his lines in the 10th century compilation of poetry, Kokin Wakashu: “Winter retreats as flowers bloom in the ports of Naniwa—these flowers, they tell us spring is here.” The area is registered as an Osaka Prefectural Historic Site. According to legend, Wani arrive from the Baekje kingdom on the Korean Peninsula at the beginning of the 5th century. A semi-mythical figure, he’s said to have tutored Prince Uji no Wakeiratsuko, son of Emperor Ojin, and brought the Analects of Confucius and the Thousand Character Classic with him from the continent. He’s recorded as “Wani” in the Nihon Shoki (720 A.D.) and as “Waniki-shi” in the Kojiki (712 A.D.) using somewhat different Chinese characters. At the south end of the tomb is a rest area done with vermillion pillars and tiles in a traditional Korean style evocative of the Kingdom of Baekje. The rose mallow (the national flower of South Korea) that bloom here from summer into fall are particularly beautiful. In recent years, the area has become a popular destination for school excursions and travelers from Korea.

Basic information

  • Barrier Free
15-minute walk from Nagao Station on the JR Gakkentoshi Line
〒 573-0153 2 Fujisakahigashimachi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka
Wanitsuka Environmental Protection Group Office 072-859-2716

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