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Please watch Rugby game not on TV!! At the stadium!
`Osaka` is the most popular rugby city in Japan.Rugby can be played from small children to student in Osaka, therefore there are two teams in Osaka, Kintetsu Liners and NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes and these two teams are in the Rugby top league.
At Higashiosaka City, there is a stadium called `Mecca Hanazono`, and every year, High School tournament is held at this sacred stadium and many fans from all over Japan will come and watch the exciting game.
It is better to see the game at the stadium. After the game (no side), both players and fans, even they are sitting on the different side, they clap their hands and praised the players' efforts.Let’s watch rugby at Osaka!

NTT도코모 레드허리케인스

재팬럭비 톱리그로 복귀. 국내 최고봉인 리그에서 레드 돌풍을 일으킨다.

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긴테쓰 라이너스

하나조노 럭비장을 거점으로 팀이 만들어진 지 90년째를 맞이하는 일본에서 가장 역사 깊은 팀의 하나. 힘찬 럭비로 톱리그로의 복귀를 목표로 합니다.

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