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To download from the Photo Library of Osaka

This Photo Library is a website operated by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau.

Photos within this library are provided for free, only for the usage of promoting the tourism of Osaka. (ex: travel brochures, leaflets, newspaper articles, advertisements, websites, etc.) Historical heritage, view of the cities, festivals and events, food are just a part of our wide variety of photos. So we are confident that we can help you find what you are looking for.

How to download

To download any of the photos, click on the button below the photo and fill out the admission form. Make sure to read through the Terms of Use before downloading. Also, always read the file that is attached to the photo.

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Usage of photos

The copyright of the photos belong to the City of Osaka and Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau. When using any of the photos, the following credit must be included within the photo.

© Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

For more details, follow the Terms of Use.