Student Trips & School Visit Programs 

Osaka is a hub of international interaction bustling with unique character. The city offers you the opportunity to make your school trip a memorable one.

Osaka School Visit System 

Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau aims to make educational travel a meaningful experience for the children participating by coordinating with us to identify local schools available to interact with traveling parties.

5 reasons to choose Osaka 

  1. Travel safety
  2. Historical cities surrounded by (Kyoto, Nara of UNESCO World Heritage)
  3. Variety of tourist spots
  4. Variety of accommodations
  5. Hospitality

Osaka offers the right interaction and experiences to develop truly international young adults. Coming together to talk, play sports and share in a range of traditional Japanese activities are very effective ways of promoting international understanding. Learning and working together helps students build close ties and share enthusiasm. Osaka is proud to offer the right forum for students to communicate with each other.

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