Handling of Photo Library 

To download from the Photo Library of Osaka

This Photo Library is a website operated by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Bureau’).
Photos in this library are provided free of charge, solely for the usage of promoting Osaka tourism. (e.g. travel brochures, leaflets, newspaper articles, advertisements, websites, etc.) Attractive historical heritage, views, festivals, events and food in Osaka are just some of our wide variety of photos. So we are confident that we can help you find what you are looking for.
* Usage by for-profit publications or products, etc. may be charged. Please inquire beforehand at [email protected] 

How to download

To download any of the photos, click on the button below the photo and complete the admission form. Please be sure to read through the Terms of use before downloading. Also, always read the file that is attached to the photo.

Usage of photos

The copyright of the photos is held by the Bureau. When using any of the photos, the following credit(s) must be included.
in Japanese; © (公財)大阪観光局
in language(s) other than Japanese; © Osaka Convention & Tourism BureauFor more details, follow the Terms of use.

Handling of Personal Information

The Photo Library, operated by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Bureau’). complies with the following regulations in protecting the privacy of the users.

Personal Information

The Bureau requests its users to supply the minimum necessary personal information when using the Photo Library. The purpose of obtaining the personal information will be specified and disclosed, and the collected information will be used within the agreed limits. The collected personal information will be strictly handled under the supervision of the manager responsible for it, this will prevent any illegal access from the outside so that there will be no leakage of data.

Purpose of using personal information

The purpose of the personal information we collect is for the following:

  • To use the photo download service provided within the Photo Library.
  • To use when there is a need to contact the users of the Photo Library through E-mail, sending mail to their postal address, calling their phone or faxing.

If there is a need to use the personal information in any way other than the above, the purpose will be specified to the user in advance and used only after the user agrees to the condition.

Providing personal information to a third party

In any of the cases below, the personal information we have collected may be provided to a third party.When a disclosure order, etc. has been released according to the law.In any event in which it is considered necessary to protect important benefits, including the lives, health and property of users and/or the general public.

Safety measures

Upon operating the Photo Library, the Bureau will take reasonable safety measures and necessary remedial actions to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage, etc. of the personal information. Also upon operating, the Bureau will organize a periodical training system concerning the protection of personal information for the staff concerned.

When allocating operations concerning personal information to an outside company for the maintenance and management, etc. of the data network system, a commission contract including the confidentiality obligation will be signed and the Bureau will take necessary and appropriate actions to oversee the commissioned company. 

Usage of cookie

Cookies may be used to avoid having to fill in the admission form each time the user downloads. The cookie is stored on the hard disk drive of the user and used to provide such service.

Also the cookies may be used to prevent misuse or collecting marketing data.

Any user information obtained from collecting cookies will be used only for providing service and will not be used for any other purpose.

Inquiries concerning personal information

If you have any questions or requests for disclosure, correction, or suspension of usage involving personal information, please contact us via the following address:  [email protected].

Terms of use

The regulations stated hereinafter are the terms and conditions involving the usage of the sightseeing photos provided by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Bureau’). Be sure to read through it before usage. 

Article 1 (Purpose)

The terms and conditions stated hereinafter concern the purpose of the usage of the sightseeing photos for promoting Osaka tourism (attracting guests, advertising, etc.).

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

The definitions of terms herein are as follows.
Service: Downloading sightseeing photos provided within the Photo Library.
User: Any individual, organization or corporate business that uses the service and releases information.

Article 3 (User application)

  1. If the user wishes to reprint any of the services, for example, on brochures, leaflets, newspaper articles, advertisements, websites and such, the user must agree to the terms of use stated herein and must submit the "Photo usage admission form (hereinafter "admission form")" in advance.
  2. The fee for the usage of the service is as below.
    Fee : Free of charge
    However, usage by for-profit publications or products, etc. may be charged. 
  3. Should the service be used for publication, products, etc. for the purpose of profit, you must not submit your request through this admission form. In such a case you must contact the Bureau through E-mail [email protected].
  4. After using the service, submit one copy of your deliverables to the following address. (Sending a .pdf file of the corresponding section is also acceptable. If used for a website, send us the URL.)

5F Resona Semba Bldg.
4-4-21 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081, JAPAN
Public Relations Division
Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Article 4 (Handling of the data of the service)

  1. The service is for one-time use only (one company, one category, one issue, one edition). You must submit a form for each reproduction or for using the service for any other matter other than that submitted on the admission form, even if it is for the same use.
  2. Secondary use, assignation or transfer to another party, leasing and sales of the photo are prohibited.
  3. Tampering and/or use that can defame or possibly defame the sightseeing photos is prohibited.
  4. Making and selling of photo itself containing merchantability is prohibited. 

Article 5 (Rights)

  1. The copyright of the sightseeing photos within the service is held by the Bureau. When using any of the photos, the following credit(s) must be included:
    in Japanese; © (公財)大阪観光局
    in language(s) other than Japanese; © Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
  2. The Bureau does not own the portrait rights, trademarks, patent or any other rights of the people, architecture or location within the photos. If there is any need of negotiation for permission, the user must conduct the procedure under their own responsibility. Should any dispute occur concerning any of the rights, the user must handle and settle the situation at their own risk.

Article 6 (Obligations and Duty of Care)

  1. The user will use the service at their own risk and will take full responsibility of whatever contents the user may release.
  2. The Bureau will not be responsible for any damages inflicted by the user in case of dispute and/or claim for compensation for damages caused by use of copyrighted material of other user of the service or the third party.  
  3. The Bureau will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage to the software or hardware of the user's computer, peripheral equipment, network environment and such that may arise by using the service.

Article 7 (Prohibited acts)

When using the service, the user is prohibited from taking any of the actions mentioned hereinafter.
Should the user commit any of the following prohibited acts, the Bureau will prohibit any subsequent usage by the relevant user and will take any legal action deemed necessary.

  1. Any action that violates the regulations herein
  2. Any action that hampers the operation of the service
  3. Any action that violates the law, rules and ordinances
  4. Any action that is offensive to public order and morals
  5. Any action that leads to defamation of character or social reliability, discomfort or psychological damage to other users, a third party or the Bureau
  6. Any action that can infringe or possibly infringe on the intellectual property rights of other users, a third party or the Bureau as well as infringement or inducement of infringement of copyrights
  7. Any action that concerns providing incorrect or possible incorrect statements
  8. Any action that concerns child pornography or is possibly equivalent to child abuse
  9. Releasing any information that can be regarded harmful or possibly harmful to minors aforesaid
  10. To use for any purpose other than that stated herein or the admission form
  11. Any other action that the Bureau decides is unsuitable

Article 8 (Management of the user's data)

  1. The Bureau does not certify the efficiency, adequacy and such of the data that is released by the user nor does it certify that the user has met the utilization purpose that has been submitted.
  2. The format, usage conditions, URL or the contents and such of the service is subject to change or discontinuation without notice.The Bureau will not be responsible for any damage caused to the user due to the change, deletion, discontinuation of release or cancelation of the service.
  3. The Bureau is not obliged to make any modifications to the service.

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

The Bureau is not responsible for any damage the user receives due to the usage of the service. 

The Bureau does not accept any liability whatsoever for any resulting damage the user might have applied to a third party due to the usage of the service, and the user must settle the matter of the damage done to the third party at the users own cost and responsibility, and the user shall indemnify the Bureau against any and all claims of the third party in this respect. 

Article 10 (Suspension of usage)

In such a case whereas there is a violation of the relevant Terms of use or any of the other terms, the permission will be revoked, and retrieval and revocation will be claimed at the expense of the user. Should the Bureau judge that there has been a material breach, the Bureau will take any legal action deemed necessary.

Article 11 (Applicable Law and jurisdiction) 

Interpretation and application of the usage and Terms of use of the service will be governed by the laws of Japan unless specified otherwise.
In addition, Osaka District Court will have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all and any disputes arising with respect to the use of the service, unless specified otherwise. 

Article 12 (Revision of the terms)

The Bureau is allowed to make any revisions of the terms due to enactment, changes and repeal of the law, etc., without notice to the user.
These Terms of use come into effect from August 1, 2010.
These Terms of use are due for revision in January 2018. 
Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau