A 4nights, 5days trip to admire a diversie "beauty" from a space that immerses you in the painting world to beauty that makes use of the blessings of the sea.

Scrovegni Chapel ©Otsuka Museum of Art

Japan's "art content" is attracting worldwide attention, but if you want to experience "the unique beauty of Japan cultivated by the natural environment, climate, and unique history," Kochi is the place! It has a triumverate of elements that make it a must visit. Wellness (using deep ocean water to produce unique beauty treatments, as well as smooth tasting sake, and bonito, rich in skin beautifying qualities); Beauty created by nature (the only sanctioned replica of Monet's Garden: so beautiful it has been designated as a National Park); and Beauty created by nature (the famous Shikoku 88 temples pilgrimage). Why don't you travel to "Kochi" where you can fully enjoy the diverse "Beauty of Japan"?

Access to Tokushima
Osaka city

Scrovegni Chapel ©Otsuka Museum of Art Vincent van Gogh “Seven Series Sunflowers” ©Otsuka Museum of Art Leonardo da Vinci「Last Supper<before and after the restoration>」©Otsuka Museum of Art
About 90min