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A trip of 3 nights and 4 days to experience the base of the modern revolution in Japan and the uniquness of Kochi inherited to the present age

Kochi has also been pivotal in the history of Japan. The rapid modernization of Japan, known as a country of samurai for a long time, stared from Kochi, which was a major commutation point. Three unique aspects are "Kochi Castle" where the priests at the end of the Edo period were based, "Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Hall" (honoring the legacy of the great samurai leader who played a central role in the reformation) and a museum of painters that embody the innovative temperament of the Kochi populace. We will visit "Kochi", which has formed a unique history, culture and tradition that is different from other areas of Japan. Along the way, you can also enjoy the "gastronomic content" that has formed a unique culture! Enjoy lively bonito roasted with straw and the Kochi red beef that boasts overwhelming meat quality. Please enjoy a trip to experience the temperament and climate of Kochi that created the modern era of Japan.