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  • About Osaka

  1. The Basics

    〜Osaka – a city that will make you smile〜

    Osaka is Japan’s second city. As well as the central business hub in western Japan, Osaka has been at the heart of Japan’s cultural and economical development for hundreds of years. With relics from the city’s past still standing, Osaka is a city where you can truly feel Japan’s history.

    Osaka is also the city of comedy. With comedy styles such as manzai originating in Osaka and gaining popularity throughout the rest of the country, Osaka has taken center stage as the city with the friendliest and funniest people in Japan.With a perfect mix of traditional and popular culture, a stay in Osaka will provide you with unforgettable memories that will keep you smiling on.

  2. Osaka’s Food Culture

    〜Osaka – a city where the world’s culinary delights come together〜

    For centuries, Osaka has been known as the “nation’s kitchen”. It is a city where the specialties of Japan’s many diverse regions have come together and flourished. Osaka is also a city that through culinary development and innovation has taken Japanese cuisine to new heights. Dashi, now a universal and essential component used in Japanese cooking, first made its appearance in Osaka, and has made a significant impact on the food culture of Japan today.

    Osaka is the city where you “eat till you drop”.From local treats such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki, to high-class, gourmet delicacies such as kappo cuisine, to this day, Osaka is continuously evolving as a city where food will not only fill your belly, but your heart as well.

  3. Osaka’s Sports

    ~Osaka, a city for spectators and players alike〜

    From baseball to soccer to basketball, Osaka is home to all kinds of pro sports teams, with spirited matches and games always happening all over the area. Watch top athletes play in heated matches in stadiums, or experience for yourself the thrill of other sports like stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), all within the city.

  4. Osaka’s Pop Culture

    〜Osaka, western Japan’s mecca of pop culture〜

    Nipponbashi, one of Japan’s three famous electronic districts, is your center for anime, manga, gaming, and all things Japanese pop culture. The annual Nipponbashi Street Festa is one of Japan’s largest cosplay festivals and draws cosplayers from the rest of Japan and around the world to experience the extraordinary.

  5. Osaka Tourism Ambassadors

    〜The celebrities who bring even more energy to Osaka!~

    Japan’s top celebrity entertainers, athletes, cultural icons, artists, and more who have connections with Osaka or who just love Osaka, are all working alongside the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau to promote what makes Osaka a great destination to visit!