Osaka Basics

Kita Area

Creating trends and evolving The gateway to Osaka
This new area is filled with shopping buildings, department stores and offices. Just a little walk away is the beautiful Nakanoshima area with its shoreline and retro buildings.

Bay Area

The central area for entertainment around the coast
The area is complete with a theme park, an aquarium, a Ferris wheel and sports facilities so both adults and kids can enjoy.

Minami Area

The intersection of tradition and trends. An energetic and flourishing city.
This area contains traditional culture along with cuisine, trending fashion and various other appealing sights.

Tennoji / Abeno Area

This area is the fusion of nostalgic scenery and Japan’s tallest building
The tallest building in Japan, ABENO HARUKAS, and the symbol of Osaka, Tsutenkaku, stand out as attractions in this area. There are also plenty of sightseeing spots such as temples, shrines and a zoo.

Osaka Castle Area

The area to experience history
The Osaka Castle area features attractions to appreciate Japanese history, including the Osaka Castle itself and Osaka Museum of History. Although in a very urban location, visitors can enjoy the beautiful seasonality of cherry blossoms in the spring and plum blossoms in the winter.

Northern Area of Osaka Prefecture

An area that offers the fun of the city as well as relaxation
Features plenty of popular spots like the Tower of the Sun that is a symbol of the World Exposition in Osaka, the largest Ferris wheel in Japan and a museum where you can interact with animals.

Eastern Area of Osaka Prefecture

A famous area for its manufacturing and nostalgic historical landscape
The Eastern Area has plenty of history and plenty of shrines and temples too. The city of Higashiosaka is famous for manufacturing, from the smallest of screws to artificial satellites.

Southern Area of Osaka Prefecture

A place where history, romance, traditional culture, and the natural environment coexist
South Osaka is home to Sakai City, known for its artisans, and Kishiwada City, famous for its Danjiri Festival. Mt. Katsuragi in Kongo is also great for camping.