About Osaka

Event to discover the charm of Osaka, City of Food(15-17 Oct. 2019)

16 (Wed.) Oct. 2019 Sakai kombu kelp specialty store Goda Shoten

Cutlery in Sakai boasts approx.600 years of history. Meeting with kombu kelp led to the development of “Oboro (shredded tangle ) kombu”. The knife for kombu shaving is of a special kind, and the shaving starts with the akita procedure of bending the edge of the blade. Therefore, knives must have both sharpness and pliability, as if sticking to the kombu kelp. The technology of Sakai cutlery existing for 600 years could satisfy this rigorous requirement. A veteran kombu shaver manipulates this knife like his/her own fingers to shave off ultra-thin and extra fine textured oboro kombu.
Ⓒ OSAKA; Gastronomy Capital of JAPAN DELICIOUS JOURNEYS 2019