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What do you know about SDGs?

These are goals that were adopted during a 2015 United Nations Summit as International Development Goals to achieve by 2030.

SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals are composed of 169 targets/17 goals and are universal objectives for all countries, including developing and developed counties, with the aim that by 2030, “everyone” will achieve the goals.

SDGs are international goals unanimously adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015. Its implementation spans from 2016 to 2030, with 17 goals and 169 targets set out to realize a sustainable world. In Japan, the “SDGs Action Plan 2019” was decided in December 2016 for achieving SDGs in Japanese style, and eight priority areas were set out.

1) Empowerment of All People 2) Achievement of Good Health and Longevity 3) Creating Growth Market, Revitalization of Rural Areas, and Promoting Technological Innovation 4) Sustainable and Resilient Land Use, Promoting Quality Infrastructure 5) Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, Climate Change Countermeasures, and Sound Material-Cycle Society 6) Conservation of Environment, including Biodiversity, Forests and Oceans 7) Achieving Peaceful, Safe and Secure Societies 8) Strengthening the Means and Frameworks of the Implementation of the SDGs. The 17 goals of SDGs are interconnected, aiming for mutual solutions concurrently. The food service industry can contribute to achieving a sustainable society aimed at by the whole world through solving such questions as achieving sustainable ocean fishing, reducing food loss and packages, fair trading of food ingredients, and reviewing the work style.