Tourist Attractions and Experiences

21st Floor Observation Lobby, Sakai City Hall

Eighty meters above the earth, this observation lobby offers an unbroken view across the entirety of Sakai city to Ikoma, Mt. Kongo and Mt. Rokko beyond.

The top floor of the Sakai City Office can be used by all residents: It was opened as an observation lobby in order to give a sense of familiarity to the government office. The floor soars 80 meters above the ground and features a large observation window looking out in all directions. The 360° view it boasts is, in short, incredible. Looking down from the lobby gives you a complete view of the world's largest keyhole shaped tomb mound (the Tomb of Emperor Nintoku) as well as a view of the city streets of Sakai. On a clear day you can even see Ikoma and Mt. Kongo to the east, Awaji Island and Mt. Rokko to the west, and Abeno Harukas to the north. The floor also features easy-to-access rest facilities, a restaurant, and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.