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Old Sugiyama Family Home

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Tondabayashi Jinaimachi was built as a town of merchants in a planned way.It is said old Sugiyana house was the central presence of Jinaimachi's prosperity from 1600s.It got the brewing strain in 1685 and it had succeeded as a sake brewery since then.Hachininshu"eight people crowd" was the residents representative of the town operators played an active role.The house was vast at the time and the main house storehouse, Kamaya,sake brewing and other 10 houses had been built.It is surprising to know that there is a record of 70 people servants working at this house in its prime.Tautology Ishigami(a poet who was successful the same as Yosano Akiko at the end of Meiji period) was born and raised in this house.Currently,this Old Sugiyama housing is the only one you can tour the inside of the house in Jinaimachi. And it's designated as a nationally important cultural property.And Doma part of the oldest structure in the main house, Oimatsu drawn on the large floor, and a painting on a Fusuma by a painter of Kano school are in good preservation.You can enjoy the atmosphere of the town house that is considered the oldest Jinaimachi fully.

  • Location

    〒 584-0033 14-31 Tondabayashicho, Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka
  • Tel

  • Closed

    Mondays (closed the following day when holidays fall on Monday), 12/28 - 1/6
  • Open

    10:00 - 17:00 (open until 16:00 November - March)
  • Price

    Adults (ages 16+) ¥400, children (ages 6 - 16) ¥200
  • Directions

    7-minute walk from Tondabayashi-nishiguchi and Tondabayashi Stations on the Kintetsu Nagano Line
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