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Takaida Yokoana Park

You can visit the park that the ancient tomb was built by digging the tumulus and bed rocks. There is also a historical museum.

Park that stores and publish a national historic site・Takaidayokoanagun(Takaida tunnel tombs ) located in the north side of JR Takaida station.It's an ancient tomb that has been construction dug a cave in the rock of tuff and Made from the mid-6th century through the first half of the 7th century.The total number is believed more than 200 groups.It suddenly became famous when a wall painting that carved human, bird and horse was found in the Taisho period.Recently, Takaida mountain ancient tomb has been discovered during park maintenance investigation that had started since the first year of Heisei period.And it has been found Ancient iron "Hinoshi" and mirror, Kabuto, and more.The ancient tomb is assumed that have been built around the end of the 5th century.There is an ancient tomb Takaida mountain multiplied by the transverse hole and transparent roof and a replica of artifact walking along the promenade of the park. There is also a municipal history museum and the Rose Garden in the park.

Basic information

5-minute walk from Takaida Station on the JR Kansai Main Line
15-minute walk from Kawachi-Kokubu Station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line
〒 582-0015 1598 Takaida, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka
072-976-3430 (Kashiwara City Museum of History)

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