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Wakae Castle Ruins

This castle was a Christian stronghold of Kawachi Province during the Warring States period (1467 - 1603) that vanished into history. The monument at the ruins evokes the romance and adventure of this phantom castle.

Following construction in the late 14th century by the Hatateyama Clan of Kawachi Province, Wakae Castle witnessed countless wars. In the late 16th century, the Japanese Christian Ikeda Norimasa, Protector of Tango, became the lord of the castle. Building a church here, he transformed the area into the center of Christianity in Kawachi together with Yao, Sango, and Okayama (present day Daito and Shijonawate Cities). However, following its use as a base during Nobunaga’s attack on Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple, the castle disappears from written records, lending it a reputation as a “phantom castle” for many years. However, in 1972 archaeological excavations found a portion of moat that once encircled the center of the castle, proving the castle was more than just a phantom. The castle grounds extended roughly 380 meters east to west and 280 meters north to south (“The Kadokawa Dictionary of Japanese Place Names”). At present, there is a monument standing near the end of Wakae Community Center’s pedestrian bridge. However, many mysteries about the castle still remain.

Basic information

15-minute walk from Wakae-Iwata Station on the Kintetsu Nara Station
〒 578-0943 2-9-2 Wakaeminamimachi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka

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