In Osaka, kushikatsu are made by skewering various meats and vegetables, coating them in a flour-based batter and panko breadcrumbs, and then deep-frying them in oil.

And woe betide anyone who double-dips their kushikatsu in the sauce pot! A famed local neighborhood for the skewers is Janjan Yokocho Alley, located in the Shinsekai district near the Tsutenkaku tower, which is lined with longstanding establishments that date back to the immediate postwar period, as well as newer shops whose popularity sees lines snaking out of the door.

Kushikatsu are normally eaten counter-side in a casual atmosphere with the sauce served in trays and all the cabbage you can eat. The wide assortment of skewer options include beef, shrimp, asparagus, egg and cheese—all enjoyed together with the star of the show:

the crunchy coating. Kushikatsu eateries are found not only in the Shinsekai district, but all over Osaka.

In addition to the lively, bar-like establishments, there are also fancy kushikatsu specialty restaurants with a unique creative menus.