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全国巡りたび 中部エリア 全国巡りたび 中部エリア

A majestic walking trip "pilgrimage trip" in collaboration
with the shrines and temples that represent Kansai

It takes about 2 hours to drive south from Osaka to reach the Kansai area. Once you're in the area, Mt. Yoshino, a religous city seemingly floating in the sky, will appear. It is not only a sacred place for Shugendo (ritual training) but also where religion and history intersect. From Yoshino, there is the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range," which has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage site. Nearby, another iconic spot is Koyasan, where Kobo Daishi, the saint of Buddhism, opened the great sacred site. Each is one of the best places of study and worship in Japan. In In Yoshino you can relive "Shugendo experience" in full Yamabushi costume, and in Koyasan, you can experience "Immediate Homa" and the "Oku-no-in night tour". Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Kansai, "Japan's highest pilgrimage trip" both physically and mentally?


Access to Nara Prefecture

Osaka City

Hire About90minutes

Yoshino Area

Chikurin-in Gunhoen

It is said to be one of the temples built by Prince Shotoku, and it has a long history as an inn for many literary people and tourists.

Chikurin-in Gunhoen
Chikurin-in Gunhoen
Chikurin-in Gunhoen