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About Osaka

Osaka Sumo

The Grand Sumo Tournament is a must-see traditional sport during your stay in Japan. The torikumi (a sumo bout) is simple and easy to understand.
You will be able to see traditional Japanese culture, such as the gorgeous costumes of the gyoji (referee), the yobidashi’s (bout caller’s) unique way of calling the names of each wrestler, and the details of the vigorous bouts.
Enjoy the atmosphere with your fellow spectators and give a big, warm round of applause to the wrestlers when they are ready for the tournament. You can get a handprint or towel of your favorite rikishi as your sumo memorabilia and might even be lucky to see a sumo wrestler up close on your way out!

The Sumo Tournament in March

Venue:Edion Arena Osaka
Osaka Tournament is held in March every year