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Let's eat!

Richness in nature is connected to richness in food. The best way is to eat freshly harvested vegetables on the spot in a group. There are also farmers markets selling fresh local vegetables, cafés and restaurants.

BBQ, brick oven pizza

After selecting and harvesting vegetables in the field, visitors can eat them in the open-air BBQ site or from the brick oven installed in the plaza surrounded by fields. Prior to the visit it is recommended to check for items missing from the farm field and to buy them in the farmers’ market or supermarket nearby. Nagashi somen (thin noodles served in water flowing down a bamboo pipe) is available for additional fee.

Contact Izumi Fureai no Sato   http://www.nounosato.com/

Farmers’ Markets

There are farmers’ markets near the farm, selling vegetables picked in the morning and seasonal fruits grown by the local farmers. There are also local specialties such as jams, miso and tofu, local Japanese sake and wine, delicatessen food and packed meals. Some have an adjoining restaurant and/or café serving lunch with local ingredients. You may find ingredients only available here. It will be nice to drop by.

- JA Izumino Produce Store “Aisai Land” http://www.ja-izumino.or.jp/farmstand/ 

- Izumi Farmers Hana no Mori http://hananomori-osaka.com/

- Roadside Station Oku Kawachi Kuromaro Village https://kuromaro.com/ 

Café/Restaurants using local ingredients

-Ichika Farmers’ Café  

A cute café in a kitchen car on the farm. Popular sweets are made from fresh fruits ripened on the farm such as strawberries and blueberries. Those made of sweet potatoes are also popular. A leading product is cheesecake in a jar, also available for takeout.


-Bon Village Oser   

A popular French Restaurant where the chef makes repeated selections and uses seasonal ingredients.


- Café TENTO

「A café in a renovated old farmhouse using “freshly picked local ingredients” and “ingredients that are both gentle to the body and energizing”. Popular menus are Japanese medicinal cooking plate and curry with fermented brown rice.