Use Osaka as your travel HUB to venture around Japan Use Osaka as your travel HUB to venture around Japan

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kanto kanto

The North Kanto and Koshin area is a popular summer getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and is easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area. It’s an attractive area where you can enjoy everything from light 2-day and 1-night excursions to day trips. Are you interested in visiting the World Heritage sites that best represent Japan, such as the majestic Mt. Fuji or the calmness of Nikko.

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Within the Edo Five Roads and the surrounding area which were developed around Nihonbashi, is where a unique one-of-a-kind culture has sprung up as a result of people, goods and information passing through. As such, Tokyo and in its surrounding areas are fulled with numerous and attractive historical property, religious culture, and local cuisine. Come visit while remembering about the past.


Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the political, economic, and cultural center of Japan with various functionalities coming together. While the latest commercial facilities are connected to each via detailed transportation, there are rickshaws being pulled around the retro-shopping street. There are so many features keep on evolving every day throughout Japan, from the most up-to-date to the most retro one.


Tochigi prefecture is famous for its rich nature, such as in Nikko and Chuzenji lake. There are several sightseeing spots to come visit from Tokyo just for one day. Due to having a substantial amount of public transportation types available, it is a popular destination among tourists, regardless of whether they are old, young, man or woman.

chubu/hokuriku chubu/hokuriku

Chubu and Hokuriku areas are located roughly in the central part of Japan. Easy to access from Osaka via train or car, this area is open for all to come visit casually. There are numerous sightseeing spots to experience the nature and history, with different attractive features. Another feature is to be able to taste both surf and turf.

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The Chubu area is surrounded by the majestic Japan Alps, also known as the vast roof of Japan. In fact, this area is home to many World Cultural Heritage Sites, the National Treasure Buildings, and tourism resources listed in the Michelin Green Guide, making it one of the most attractive places to travel in Japan. So let’s enjoy the “Real Japan” that attracts visitors from overseas.


Sea, mountains, hot springs. Ishikawa prefecture is quiet and introspective, yet surrounded in rich nature. There are must-see tourism attractions just as you imagined and tranquil cityscapes. Stay away from the noises of Tokyo, with a cuisine that uses local and fresh ingredients after bathing at a hot spring at ease. Let’s treat ourselves with a luxurious trip.


Nagano is a magnificent mountain range called the Japan Alps and a treasure trove of enormous nature. During the middle ages, a large road passed through, and even today the traditional cityscape and culture still remains strong. Let’s enjoy the best activities and historical culture amongst the nostalgic scenery of Nagano!

kansai kansai

The Kansai area is home to the ancient capital of Japan, which was Kyoto and Nara. In addition, there are cities such as Osaka and Kobe, and is an attractive area with a variety of cultures and sightseeing spots. There are also majestic sceneries surrounded by rich nature to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, such as the autumn leaves and cherry blossoms, etc. In addition, there are plenty of gourmet foods, being an area where you can enjoy a variety of food cultures such as Japanese and flour-based dishes.

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Since the capital of Japan is located in Kansai, it is home to the original source of many Japanese cultures that still exists today, such as Japanese-style cuisines, tea ceremonies, traditional performance arts, craftworks, and Zen, etc. We have selected several particularly high-quality and attractive content from the Kansai area. Enjoy and experience the best of Japan while traveling around Kansai!

chugoku/shikoku chugoku/shikoku

Chugoku and Shikoku area are full of scenery of bountiful nature that spreads out before you. Located in the Seto Inland Sea, the coastline is especially spectacular. There are many leisure facilities that utilize nature here, making this trip a great way to fully experience outdoor activities. In addition, there are many small islands, such as Shodoshima and Naoshima, both of which are famous for being islands to relax and casually enjoy art.

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Travel around chugoku and Shikoku

The Setouchi area is home to their featured sea that is one of the most beautiful in the world. It even has a course to enjoy the vast nature using all five of your senses. Furthermore, there are World Heritage Sites and many cultural properties to enjoy, as well as the nature, history and Setouchi art that has been nurtured by the unique climate here. Come experience the features of Setouchi to simultaneously taste the incredible scenery and culture.


Kochi is to the south of Shikoku, and features a dynamic forest that faces the Pacific Ocean. A variety of local dishes colored by the fruits of the sea, mountains and rivers that have been blessed by the great outdoors. One of Japan’s best activity venues with its incredible view coupled with nature. Let’s enjoy Kochi while seeking for the story of historical heroes that have been nurtured by this majestic environment!

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