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Tokimeki Beach (Tannowa Beach)

Tokimeki Beach, also known as Tannowa Bathing Beach, is known for its white sand and clear waters. The sunset from here is also spectacular.

Just an hour by train from Namba, Tokimeki Beach (Tannowa Bathing Beach), almost on the southern-most tip of Osaka Prefecture, is an expansive beach with white sand and clean waters. One of the many beaches in Misaki Town, mentions of it can be found in literary works as early as Kino Tsurayuki's Tosa Diary, and the Manyoshu. Along with neighboring Nagamatsu Beach and Sennan Satoumi, it is known for the scenic beauty of its green pines against white sand. Today it is one of Osaka's foremost beach resorts, popular for clam-digging during late March to early June, and bathing from July 1st to late August. The beach also has many beach volleyball courts including official ones for serious players. Shuttle bus services to and from Tannowa Station is available during the summer peak season.

Basic information

  • Restaurant Available
  • Parking Available
7/1 - 8/31
12 min. walk from Tannowa Sta. of the Nankai Line
*Free shuttle bus is available on Sat., Sun. and national holidays from July 15–Aug. 20. Please check the timetable.
Roughly a 12-minute walk from Tannowa Station on the Nankai Railway Main Line
*Free shuttle bus available all weekends and holidays during open season; time confirmation required
〒 599-0301 Tannowachisaki, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka
Tannowa Sea Bathing Resort Management Association 072-494-2141 (open season only)

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