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The park's athletic stadium is the venue for the Osaka International Ladies Marathon. A huge botanical garden and a museum are also among the many attractions of the park.

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The 65.7 ha. Nagai Park has facilities for enjoying sports and the outdoors, including Nagai Stadium, the well-known venue for the Osaka International Ladies Marathon held every winter. Construction of the stadium was initially planned for 1928 but was cancelled due to the war. After going through phases of being a sports ground and a velodrome, major- scale work on the park commenced in 1959 and was completed the same year. The park has two athletic stadiums, ball game grounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, workout facilities, and a sports center for the disabled. It also has a botanical garden with some 1,000 species of trees and flowers, a natural history museum, a preserved section of a local forest, and a greenery consultation center. The park, which attracts people of all ages, also has a large underground parking garage.

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    〒 546-0034 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
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    Right outside Nagai Station on Osaka Metro Midosuji Line
    5-minute walk from Tsurugaoka or Nagai Station on the JR Hanwa Line
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