Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Yamanakadani Valley

The area around Yamanakadani is a popular springtime flower viewing spot, planted with over 1,000 flowering cherry trees that all but swallow up the river as it runs through the valley.

Come spring, species of flowering cherry tree like Yoshino cherry and hill cherry seem to vie in blossoming for the title of most gorgeous. Illuminations are set at night, casting a magical and mysterious atmosphere over their beauty. Turning to the right as you leave the station, you’ll see a road lined with sakura cherries—across the bridge on the other side of the river the gorgeous rows of flowering cherries continue. Not just spring but all the seasons and their changing beauty are yours to enjoy here: hydrangeas blooming beneath the cherry leaves in early summer, red spider lilies along the embankment in late summer, the vivid colors of flowering bush clover in autumn, and more.