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New holy land of art, the town of Kitakagaya

Kitakagaya had an age of prosperity as a shipbuilding town in the Taisho era. Now, it is attracting attention as a reborn creative town.

Kitakagaya is a treasure box of wall art!

Kitakagaya, a town spreading out at the Kizu River mouth, flowing in the southwest of Aquapolis Osaka.
The town had an age of prosperity with shipbuilding in the Taisho era, with its streets lined with workshops and store houses related to the industry.
Here is the spot of rebirth to become a “town of art” today, novelty even in Osaka!

You can fully savor a moving sensation when you spot artworks scattered around the town, like a treasure hunt!
This town invites visitors to stroll around excitedly to find cute and stimulating photo spots.

Spectacular and gigantic alphabet characters painted all over the wall! The Wall by Ben Eine, overnight sensation with street art in the motif of alphabets. You may want to find your favorite alphabet! <Creator:Ben Eine> Address: In the proximity of 3-4-15, Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka city, Osaka prefecture
All of a sudden, the appearance of Maetel, heroine of “Galaxy Express 999”. Our eyes cannot leave her face, appealing for something. <Creator:E.LEE>
The “Rude kids” series painted by artists around the world. This piece is by Dotmasters, a U.K. artist. A child is writing graffiti on the Mona Lisa, literally the expression of the theme, Rude kids! <Indigo defaces Mona Creator:Dotmasters> Address: In the proximity of 2-8-8, Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka city, Osaka prefecture
<A BOY  Creator:酒谷星子>
<Rising water Creator:E.LEE>
You will surely feel happy when you meet a yellow duck!

Kitakagaya CHAOS 2022

You need a guide for treasure hunting! Explore your favorite photo spot with a map in your hand.
※Click the image to enlarge the PDF.

❖The information here is subject to change.

Access to Kitakagaya

Get off at Kitakagaya Station on Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line. Approx. 25 minutes by Osaka Metro from Osaka Station or Umeda Station