Other activities

Hiking, cycling

Visitors can enjoy a splendid panoramic view from the farm, passing through the paths on the premises, and picnic in the orchard and fields. Alternatively, further down the old road to the valley, visitors can find a quiet village of antiquated Japanese architecture surrounded by greenery. On such strolls, one can find affinity with the rustic everyday life in this area retaining a quaint atmosphere. There is a path in the mountains with a worship point of Saigoku Kannon. The pilgrimage consists of 33 temples and a waterfall nearby, offering sites for hiking and cycling activities in the four seasons of Japan; flowers in spring, fresh green in summer, and red leaves in autumn. While exploring there may be unattended sales stands to be found with inexpensive delicious fruits.

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Cultural experience

The practice of Eshakyo (sutra and Buddha image transcription) is to copy down sutra words taught by Buddha and a picture of Buddha. It has been done since olden times as a way to find peace of mind. Visitors can go to an old farmhouse of artists who are creating Buddha image art in the village, and experience the serenity of traditional Japanese culture in a tatami room.

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Glass craft experience

Glass craft is the leading traditional industry in this area. Artisans with high skills of manual processing of detailed parts and connecting them, pass on the traditional craftwork of Izumi. Near the farm, visitors can experience “Tombo ball” glass bead making, cherished accessories in Japan since olden times, as well as glass blowing.

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