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Harvest experience

The farm is on top of a 300m high mountain, away from urban areas. The abundant sunshine enhances crop growth, and the high and low temperature variation makes them even tastier. Visitors can enjoy seasonal harvests; strawberries in spring, blueberries and corn in summer, sweet potatoes in autumn and mandarins in winter. Direct contact with the crops provides an opportunity to think how food comes from the field to the table. The hands and shoes may get muddy, but the leisurely time spent strolling around the extensive fields, touching the soil, water, bugs and plants, and talking with the people on the farm will turn out to be well worthwhile.

The cute little goats on the farm are very popular with children. If you are tired and have a craving for something sweet, delicious confectioneries made from strawberries on the farm, cider and coffee are ready for you to try. This is recommended for families with children, friends, couples or educational trips who want a unique experience of agriculture and food.

Cooking experience

Visitors can also cook using local ingredients while interacting with local residents in the kitchen on the farm. The choice includes local dishes of miso, konnyaku, Japanese home cooking with potatoes, etc., and sweets making with strawberries for children. Finally, the experience will be complete when the prepared food is eaten in the outside plaza or field, weather permitting. Please ask the staff.

Izumi Fureai no Sato  http://www.nounosato.com/