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Strawberry picking

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Strawberry picking is the most recommended agricultural experience on the spacious farm. Visitors can enjoy strawberry picking with adequate social distancing from other groups in the 11 large greenhouses spreading out over an area of 6.600m2. At Kogawa Strawberry Farm, groundwater of the mountains is pumped up from a deep well for strawberry cultivation. It is not only clean, but also has characteristic temperatures of cool in summer and warm in winter, resulting in a clean strawberry taste free from peculiarities.

In order to cultivate strawberries with a high sugar content, the farmers have come up with a thorough fruit thinning method. Each one of the strawberries of Kogawa Strawberry Farm is grown with care, ensuring fresh and safe strawberries that are also used by major confectionary manufacturers and famous hotels.

Visitors can taste varieties that are popular overseas as well; “Nyoho”, “Akihime”, “Benihoppe”, “Sagahonoka” and “Oi C Berry”, etc. * The interior of the greenhouses is ventilated, and visitors go through a temperature check with a non-contact type thermometer, making sure of face mask wearing, and sanitizing with alcohol. Employees go through a daily health check as well.

Izumi Kogawa Strawberry Farm

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