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Teranishi-ke Abeno Nagaya (The Teranishi Family’s Abeno Townhouses)

These classic townhouses are the only nagaya-style residences in all of Japan registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property. Held in high regard for the use of the underlying historical structure in a way that harmonizes with the surrounding townscape, the townhouses won the Mayor’s Choice Award in the 26th Osaka Machinami Awards.

Basic information

Constructed in 1932 before World War II, this nagaya-style row of townhouses is two stories tall and uses irimoya-style hip-and-gable roof construction. Built by temple carpenters, these townhouses have lasted over seven decades and were renovated splendidly: They now add vitality to the local area as restaurants and galleries.

  • Location

    〒 545-0021 1-50-25 Hannancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka
  • Tel

  • Closed

    Same as occupant restaurant
  • Open

    Same as occupant restaurant
  • Price

    No fee for observing facade (space currently occupied by restaurant)
  • Directions

    Roughly a 1-minute walk from exit 4 of Showacho Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line
  • URL

  • Restaurant Available

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