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The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau organized a joint event with Osaka; Gastronomic Capital of Japan branding project Osaka culture and art festival. The aim was to rediscover the charm of “Osaka; Gastronomic Capital of Japan” this autumn and leading chefs were invited from all over the world. The event included a fam trip involving top chefs in collaboration with Relais & Châteaux, an international gastronomy network. There was a cooking demonstration using Osaka local ingredients and seminars by top chefs. The finale Gala Party was at Miraiza Osaka-Jo to enjoy an original menu also using Osaka-Mon. The notion of Food culture of Osaka; Gastronomic Capital of Japan was sent out to the world.

Date:15(Tue.) -17(Thu.) Oct. 2019

What Delicious Journeys 2019 strives for.

In 2013, “Washoku: Traditional Dietary Cultures of the Japanese” was inscribed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. As a result of this recognition, interest in Japanese cuisine and Japanese ingredients increased considerably. The number one most anticipated aspect of visiting Japan for overseas tourists is to eat Japanese food*1 and the most popular international cuisine liked by people living in other countries is also Japanese food*2. Osaka is known as the “Kitchen of the World.” It is a city known for eating until you collapse and a wide variety of the famous local dishes are made using flour. Some of these include the renowned takoyaki and okonomiyaki, as well as seasonal Japanese cuisine served at establishments like kappo and ryotei style restaurants. Various cuisine from around the world are also available here, and the charm of the food culture is abundant throughout the city. Osaka has become more and more recognized as a world-class city for cuisine, and the food is an important resource for tourism.

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau will further develop its gastronomy tourism campaign, taking advantage of the ingredient selection, food culture, and rich history in Osaka and Kansai. This potential to promote “Osaka; Gastronomic Capital of Japan” to the world. There will also be collaborations with many international gastronomy networks. The partnership with Relais & Châteaux for Delicious Journeys 2019 is the first important step for this.
*1 “ Consumption Trends of Foreigners Visiting Japan - Survey”, 2018, Japan Tourism Agency.*2 “ Survey concerning overseas consumption of Japanese food”, 2014, survey by the Japan External Trade Organization.

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